We will highlight the distribution of responsibility, accountability and distinguishing through an atmosphere of solidarity. By operating jointly as associates and by handling each other with mutual admiration and faith, we will all interpose to the Hotel's overall achievement more effectively than if we worked alone.

Team Unity

Promoting a Climate of Enthusiasm

We are committed to everyone at Hotel Gulshan by providing a caring, motivating and rewarding environment. As an industry leader, we are committed to bringing out the best in our people through effective training and meaningful career and personal development, and by encouraging individuality and initiative.

Being the Best

We will be an innovative leader in the hotel industry and will continually improve products and services. We will seek from our suppliers the highest quality products and services at the best value.

Delivering Shareholder Value

We are committed to being a growing company. Our success will result in investment returns which are consistently among the best in the hotel industry.

Playing by the Rules

We will maintain integrity, fairness and honesty in both our internal and external relationships and will consistently live up to our commitments.

Acting with Responsibility

We will actively participate in the improvement of the environment, just as we will be responsible members of our communities and industry organizations.

Strategies & Planning Working Enthusiasm Team Capacity

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